© Dim Charriere 2014

Dim grew up between Thonon-les-Bains and Avoriaz ski ressort, he was one of the first French to become a professional free skier.

He is, with very few others, the godfather of what will become known as the New School Movement.

He participated in the first freeride competitions such as “Red Bull Snowthrill” in Chamonix and freestyle competitions like the “King of the Hill” in Sweden.

He also has a good share of appearances in specialized magazines and maintains his image with a self promoting natural born marketing sense.
Of real interest to the sponsors, Dim knew how to stay in touch with the « scene » even without competing.
On his skis through out the year, he takes part in many photoshoots and selective competitions.
His style and his control of the sport, make him a respected skier in the international scene.

His knowledge of the ground added to his competences, make of him a true specialist in the discipline.

He is regularly consulted by the brands and various event managment companies, as well as the press.

In perpetual search of fresh snow, you could find him anywhere around the globe in search of good spots.

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